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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Friends" - John Hugo

“Friends” is a self aware piece on the futility of trying to hold onto relationships that have had their time.  The song focuses on why it's over, why there cannot be a further relationship- and yet the title and the chorus beg the opposite.  Tales of the intimacy and connection once felt make even conceptualizing the relationship as being worth something less seem ridiculous.  The ironic structure of the song allows for the listener to gain better insight into the back and forth thought process of the narrator and therefore, make it that much more realistic.  In the rare case that this situation may not be relatable in itself, the way John Hugo approaches it certainly is.  

Hugo immediately jumps into storytelling, offering maybe two chords of instrumentals before he starts singing, catching the listener by surprise and allowing space for his lyricism to be heard by avoiding the usualing dwelling on the structure of introduction.  Despite this upbeat start, the song doesn’t necessarily follow a quickened pace.  Its tone is conversational and in depth, prioritizing expression over sound.  Every line he sings brings back the theme of irony and cognitive dissonance, with either a real or metaphorical echo denying what he just stated.  At one point he even sings “that’s a lie” directly after what seemed to be a personal confession.  The writing and creative structure of “Friends” somehow takes its impact even further than its already striking subject matter.

John Hugo, or Hugo Algovik, is an independent singer and songwriter originally from Stockholm, Sweden.  He was born and raised there amidst a family that shared his musical inclination.  His brother, Ludvig Algonkin, was and is an essential part of his interest in the field, now assisting in the creation of John’s work, even producing “Friends”.  His music taste dates back even further than his music creation, being partial to work of the 60s, 70s, and 80s.  This influence, as well as that of more recent artists such as the 1975 and Harry Styles, creates an evident blend of genre in his work today.  “Friends” is his third release and a perfect example of this, stream it and his other singles below.  

Written By Hailey Schap



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