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  • Alyssa Gallardo

Review: "From The Start" - MaeLeigh

MaeLeigh has just come out with this amazing hit song, and it’s taking the electro pop scene by storm. With incredible beats, production, and lyricism, MaeLeigh has managed to excel in all parts of the song making process to create a song that connects with listeners in many different ways. The song plays into this electronic part of pop that is excitement inducing and that makes listeners want to jump up and at the same time get into your feelings. The duality of the song is really incredible and adds to the overall effect.

This song all started when MaeLeigh created a bouncy synth beat, and when he decided to write an entire song around it. This song especially is about nostalgia and hope in regards to relationships, leaving listeners with this sense of pain and bittersweet-ness as they connect with the song. The beats only add to the overall feeling of the song, the electro pop sound, and it’s something you can pour your heart out singing to while dancing along. It’s a song that, while it connects into the listeners feelings, it’s still a song you can casually play and jam out to. It’s something new and fresh and the artistry is evident in every piece of MaeLeigh’s performance.

MaeLeigh is an upcoming composer, producer, and recording engineer. He composes music in all genres, but leans towards indie pop, indie electronic, and electro pop. He started in 2020 composing lo-fi and instrumental beats but it slowly progressed into more, along with collaborations with other artists. He’s an incredible singer and an even more impressive producer, and it’s exciting to see what he has coming next.

Written By Alyssa Gallardo



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