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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "FTS (Sick of This)" - L E A x Bemo Rouge

L E A has joined forces with alternative emo artist, Bemo Rouge, to create an infectious new single. “FTS (Sick of This)” describes the difficulties of navigating life, specifically as an artist breaking into the alternative music scene. L E A expresses the feelings of wanting to prove yourself to those who have always doubted you, while fighting an internal battle, financially and mentally. However, the song contains uplifting lyrics about rejecting the negativity and believing in yourself. The most outstanding lyric is found in the pre-chorus, when they sing, “I know you saw me last year// Now I’m finally here// Watch me fucking make it.” Despite all the downsides that the industry has to offer, L E A has recognized that she has made a name for herself. Although these struggles still impact her, and she still feels the stress and anxiety of it all, she is proud of how far she has grown as an artist. These three simple lines stand out against the aggressive lyrics in the song because listeners that relate to these words are given hope for the future.

“FTS (Sick of This)” is an angsty track that blends the sounds of multiple genres to create the unique production. The song kicks off with L E A singing the chorus paired with an acoustic guitar for the first four measures, setting the stage for the track. Then, the song takes an unexpected turn by using an intense electric guitar transition that is reminiscent of 1990s punk. This transition leads into the verse, where the drums are introduced, complimenting the fast-paced guitar. Throughout the track, sound effects are used to assist the drums, aiding in the unique genre blend. As the song progresses, Bemo Rouge’s vocals are heard backing up L E A’s powerful voice, further boosting the defiant mood. In the bridge, his vocals take the driver’s seat, filled with a fiery passion that leads the point home. The production combined with the fiery vocals influence the listener to release their own anger and frustrations. “FTS (Sick of This)” takes the unique talents of both artists and fuses them together to create an unforgettable collaboration.

L E A is a singer-songwriter from Point Pleasant, New Jersey, now based in Los Angeles. L E A’s music blends “the boldness of punk” with the “beachiness of pop” to create the alternative pop-punk sound found in her songs. She draws inspiration from prominent acts of the genre, such as Mayday Parade, Charlotte Sands, Secondhand Serenade, and Magnolia Park. She released her debut single, “Stay Right” in 2016. Since then, she has released one EP and several standalone singles, including a handful of collaborations. Bemo Rouge is a singer, songwriter, producer, and the DJ host for Emo Nite New Orleans. In 2021, he released his first single, “Catch My Breath”, featuring fellow artist, Razzle. Since then, he has released 10 additional singles, including several more collaborations. Over this past year, he has gained a large following and developed a loyal fanbase. His music is a blend of alternative emo, pop punk, and hip-hop, creating a unique sound that defines his creative artistry.

Written By Karlee Smith




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