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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "future" - LEEPA

Off of her new album "brain freeze", LEEPA brings us a hypnotic track about feeling like our future is out of our hands. As we've seen in the past two years, life is filled with unpredictable circumstances, and taking control of it is easier said than done. When we fight our way through life, sometimes it feels like we haven't progressed. With this new freedom and remnants of a pandemic in our rearview mirror, we're given more freedom than before, and we're all lost about what to do with it. "future" by LEEPA shows the confusion we have with our progress and how life works differently than we were told.

"future" is an anthem for today's generation-- an age that's lost and confused. With hard-hitting lyrics like, "They say, "Do this and do that/And you should feel much better", but I won't" LEEPA criticizes the words of people that lived before her, saying times have changed and the path that might have been there isn't anymore. In the chorus, she continues this by saying, "Where is my future?" and lets us know that we aren't alone in feeling alone. LEEPA pairs her outstanding vocals with an upbeat melody, drums, guitar, and varied reverb to translate the vibe throughout the song.

German singer LEEPA comes out with her debut EP "brain freeze", showing off her skills in writing and producing. Taking from the entire spread of emotions, this EP shows LEEPA's versatility and tells listeners that she wants to spread a message of feminism, relatability, and the importance of being authentic. As a female empowerment role model, she strives to use her platform for good by spreading her thoughts in her music to over 188k Spotify listeners. In addition to "future", LEEPA has enamoring tracks like "i'm sorry, are you?", "how to live" and "18"--a selection displaying her dynamic range and musical skill, making her deserve her title as an "Artist to Watch".

Jane Katryn



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