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  • Alison Holst

Review: "Galaxies" - Malena Boccadoro

“Galaxies” is the newest single from artist Malena Boccadoro. This song really tackles the complex and emotional dilemma of finding meaning in a time of loss. While the song revolves around this theme, there are a myriad of different ways one can relate the lyrics to their own life experiences. There is no one single narrative being told in "Galaxies", but rather it can be interpreted by listeners in any way that it relates most to their own life. In Malena's instagram bio she writes, “brave enough to say I’m a musician”, and this song really displays her bravery in writing with such vulnerability and insights. This song feels like the equivalent of someone wearing their heart out on their sleeve.

The song sounds so clear and effortless all throughout its duration. It remains fairly mellow, but still has sonic elements that make it exciting at points. The relaxed tone of the song allows for more appreciation to be had for the lyrics and story aspect of the song. Malena’s voice is both chilling and comfortable, which makes it the stand out component of the song. Her vocals add authenticity, and a quality to the song that makes you want to keep coming back. A notable aspect about the song’s structure is in the way it ends. The song feels like it ends rather abruptly and it leaves you wanting more, only to make you realize how much you want to go back and hear it all again. This makes the song infectious and one that you will leave on repeat. Even more so, the transition from the end of the song into the beginning is so seamless, and cohesive, that it makes the song feel not as ephemeral.

Malena Boccadoro is a talented singer-songwriter. She’s released four singles since beginning to put out music. Her first single, “Novacaine”, came out in 2020, which proved Malena had a talent for music and songwriting. Following the release of her first single she has released three others which prove the same level of talent as the first. Her songs go beyond surface level lyrical writing, due to the instropective nature of her writing style. Her style reveals there is complexity to her art, making it all that more enjoyable to listen to. Beyond her music Malena, also shows her artistic side via her social media presence. Her instagram follows an amazing and engaging theme, that really shows listeners another side of her artistic personality. Definitely check out all her singles on Spotify for a refreshing and introspective listen.

Written By Alison Holst



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