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  • Rosalyn Sanchez

Review: "Gale" - Anya Gupta

At times, the people we love can abandon us. They can fecklessly leave us deserted in an ocean of misery and rejection. Where the salty waves of an infuriated shore are incessant, suffocating us, and reminding us that we were never enough for them in the end. We leave our hearts in the possessions of individuals to please them, and present them with our vulnerability in desperate hopes that they will stay– and yet, they hand us back our hearts with perforated holes that ache upon woeful recollection. Gale, by Anya Gupta, is a calamitous heartbreak song about queer heartache that depicts the singer facing disconsolate emotions. The singer expresses her resentment and disdain for the aloof individual who left her in impuissant heartbreak. Her lyrics paint the kind of heartbreak that leaves many listeners lachrymose, her lyrics also tell an impactful story about the harrowing tendencies her former love harbored, causing the singer to lack trust in them. In the cover artwork and song, the lyrics go “it’s exhausting trying to be just what you like” potentially hinting that the singer tries time after time to rectify herself for this love, and yet gets nothing in return, nothing that would free her from her exhaustion and affliction. Instead of allowing this to fester, the singer portrays how she must learn to prosper without them.

The song, Gale, harbors a plaintive tempo with the help of Anya’s distressed voice. Almost as though such a remembrance brings upon vehement emotions, mostly emotions of lassitude, accentuating just how hurt the singer was by the unfortunate actions of this someone. The rhythmic strings of the guitar mingled with Anya’s innately idyllic voice make for a song that can greatly impact any listener who has previously confronted similar heartache. Anya’s skillful lyrics somehow conjured similar emotions for me. When I listened and read the first few words, my mind instantly went to an individual with manipulative and narcissistic tendencies with effective verses like “you build me up to break me” and “mold me how you want me to be”. It’s almost as though I was instantly awestruck, those words pulled at the strings of my heart, recalling such identical emotions Anya was expressing in her impactful song. I understand how demanding and exhausting it is to deal with such a person, left feeling laughable and drained by their agonizing, and clearly reckless actions. Yet, Anya’s charming voice makes it a song that can be listened to almost anywhere. It’s a song listeners everywhere can sing along to, whether they’ve experienced such sore emotions, or not.

Anya Gupta, an upcoming and wildly gifted singer and songwriter who is based in New York City. She is best known for music genres like indie pop/folk and alternative. Anya is an exceptionally young talent who graduated high school in the year 2021, which tells us that this is just the very beginning of her career as a talented singer/songwriter! She is mostly active on social media apps like Instagram where she updates photos of herself, her friends, and most importantly, her music journey. Although she is just spreading her wings on her musical talents, she has managed to gather multiple listeners who express their immense support for her meticulously crafted music. I cannot wait to hear more from Anya, and if her music and lyrics have touched your hearts as they have mine, follow her socials to keep up with her flourishing journey, and to cheer her on!

Written By Rosalyn Sanchez



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