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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Game" - LÖNA

“Game” is a sinfully dark EDM track that compares the dangers and pitfalls of casino games with how one might roll the die on starting a relationship. No matter how hard one might try, the future and never be predicted, and how can one know whether or not their partner is perfect for the sets of challenges they might face? All they can do is hope and develop their bond based on what happens at the moment. Like casino games, your luck might depend on the draw, but just like with poker, if one has to play their hand out confidently despite Lady Fate’s ministrations, they can still take the pot and strike it rich. With well-crafted metaphors and a narrative that only draws listeners more and more into the world that LÖNA has crafted for us, “Game” is the perfect dark and moody track to boost your confidence up for a night on the town.

LÖNA incorporates a variety of genres to create dark and menacing soundscapes, bouncing effortlessly from catchy and popping to vulnerable and haunting. From the first hit of the drums, the track sets the atmosphere. As it progresses, it snowballs in intensity and drive, with emotional voices growing fuller and commanding the soundscape to bend to their will, charisma oozing out of the melodies as they dazzle the audience. Music is empowering, and LÖNA’s mixed hodgepodge of sounds, emotions, and lyrics is a beautiful melding of everything that makes them so irrefutably themselves, teaching their listeners not only how to play the game, but how to win.

The perfect storm of dark and melancholic, LÖNA are identical twin sisters who mix their rough synth sounds with heavenly guitars and four-to-the-floor beats. Speaking from their hearts, LÖNA bears their vulnerabilities as they weave narratives about grief, loss, activism, and LGBT love. Imagining a cold and dark Scandinavian atmosphere as you listen to their music, the name LÖNA comes from the word for “valuable” in Swedish. And LÖNA is certainly showcasing their worth, dropping a smattering of singles in 2020 before their most recent comeback this year. Inspired by the likes of Bjork, Tove Lo, and AURORA, LÖNA invites you to listen as they take you on a haunting yet evocative journey.

Written By Megan Cao


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