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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Game Over" - Liv Charette

“Game Over” is a gritty pop-infused song about a good-bye, good riddance breakup. Filled with clever video game references and sounds, Charette treats a relationship like a video game; sometimes the protagonist might jump over the blocks and save the princess, but other times, you just can’t beat a level, and it’s game over. Charette smartly compares parts of a relationship to cheat codes, trying to act like you’re putting in the effort but not truly.

Charette’s strong and powerful voice permeates the entire song, her mature and full sound never wavering and delivering a catchy and bold chorus. “Game Over” delivers such an immersive performance with the video game sound effects and allusions. Filled with a retro and almost a pop-punk vibe, the song works to paint a picture of a failed relationship and having the strength to say good riddance and move on. At some point after a relationship has ended, everyone realizes how much better off they feel being independent, making their own choices without compromising for anyone else.

Liv Charette, often described as a “powerhouse vocalist”, spent 11 years as a figure skater before trading in her skates for a microphone. Having her first taste of success with her TikTok series Tiny Mic, Charette was hungry for more. She ended up being featured in New York Magazine’s The Strategist and started her own weekly podcast. As she quickly picks up traction with her catchy and melodic singles, Charette is showing a lot of promise for whatever she’ll be releasing next.

Written By Megan Cao



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