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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "GET a GRIP" (feat. Lance Redeker) - Anderson Hao

Anderson Hao’s track, “GET a GRIP” is about a relationship that has ended, and the complicated feelings that come with it - the ones where you find yourself struggling to understand what happened. The singer feels guarded, due to being hurt from the cause of the relationship ending and also now has a “nagging feeling” about this breakup. The lyrics seem to be about the struggle of letting go of a past relationship and the pain and confusion that came with its ending. The singer is grappling with her own emotions and trying to make sense of what happened. With her angelic and soothing voice, the singer shares this relatable song that can help her listeners that are going through a breakup feel less alone and more understood about navigating a harsh breakup.

Breakups are tough, especially the part where you try to move on and leave the past behind. This song features a calming guitar, and in the chorus, Anderson and Lance Redeker sing about passing by someone who looks like her ex while trying to forget about them: “And I passed you on the street. Could have been someone who looked just like you. Just like you. I’m face down and on the ground again. And I’ll think it over ‘till I don't see you in them.” However, seeing someone pass by that looked very similar to her ex just made the moving-on process harder because it brought up old feelings and memories. The intro suggests that Anderson did make an attempt at moving on, but may have made a mistake by being intimate with someone: ”I hide my neck for two weeks, that’s what I get for sex after honesty.” The combination of this, and later seeing someone who resembles her ex made the moving-on process worse. In the second verse, Anderson acknowledges her pattern of self-sabotage and being taken advantage of: “My self-sabotage is see-through. You deny it all. Tell me that you didn’t mean to take advantage of my patience. And we’re past the point where I can fake it.” She was no longer able to pretend that everything was okay. She also wonders if things would have been different if she had seen the warning signs and red flags earlier. She wishes she had known what was coming so that she could have avoided the pain and not let her patience be taken for granted: “If I had seen it, would it have been any different?"

Anderson Hao is a pop singer and songwriter. “GET a GRIP” was released late April, and she has recently released another single, “Hand2bible” this past Friday! Her other songs include, “246” and “After U.” Lance Redeker is an alternative artist who grew up in the Bay Area. He currently has over 35,000 monthly Spotify listeners, and his most popular track is “Truman”, which surpassed 1 million streams. His latest single is “No Sense”, which was released back in February. Check out “GET a GRIP”, out now on all streaming platforms, and make sure to follow Anderson Hao and Lance Redeker with the links below!

Written By Sneet Efrem




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