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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Get Back Your Fight" - Sarah Reeves

Sarah Reeves’ latest single, "Get Back Your Fight", is about reclaiming your strength and confidence after experiencing a situation that pushed you one step back. After going through a recent, massive change in her life that she considers to be the hardest season of her life, Sarah writes, records, and produces this single in order to let it all out. She's overcoming the pain and obstacles that life has thrown at her in order to find that strong version of her that has been deep inside of her all this time. In an Instagram caption about the release of this track, Sarah shares a detail about what she did to find herself again: “I shut out the voices, dug deep into my soul and found the Sarah I didn’t even realize was there all along. She’s alive, she’s confident and she got her fight back.” “Get Back Your Fight” was also written in hopes that it could reassure her fans into believing that they’re not alone: “If I can do it, you can too. I hope this song inspires you and shows you that you will overcome the pain that life throws at you.”

Healing from a situation that had you feeling down and lost can be a tough journey because it requires lots of strength and perseverance. It involves confronting and processing your deep emotional wounds, while also rebuilding shattered confidence, and then finally rediscovering your power. The song takes us through Sarah’s healing journey, and it first kicks off with her listening to heartbreak songs. When feeling sad, we often find comfort in listening to sad songs because we can relate, and it allows us to release our built-up emotions. Sarah, who is gifted with a beautiful voice, turns to these songs as she navigates the challenges of a difficult time and big changes, finding healing through the act of singing along: “Singing myself heartbreak songs. Got a voice, I can’t avoid it. Helps me heal, so I exploit it.” We then see her experiencing fear, which is a false thought we have that keeps us stagnant and from flourishing into our best self, and moving on or from something that has hurt us. It’s a lie! You’ll always find yourself again and regain your power. She sings: “Fear is a lie, we’ll be alright. Don’t let this battle take days off your life. Suns gonna shine, future is bright. Promise one day you’re gonna get back your fight.” Lastly, we see her in the healing stage: “Healing is hard, think we all would agree.” This is true. Healing is a long ride. Having endured a life-altering change and persevering through her toughest season, Sarah now enters the healing phase where she begins to thrive, grow, and rekindle her fighting spirit.

Sarah Reeves is a pop singer-songwriter and producer from Nashville, Tennessee. At just 18 years-old, the singer had signed her first record deal, and from there, she's been dominating the music scene. While pursuing her own music career, a significant part of it has also been devoted to crafting songs for other artists, television, and film. Her vocal talents have been showcased on tracks by renowned DJs such as Gattuso, Laidback Luke, and Justice Skolnik, as well as her music appearing in TV series on multiple major networks like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and Netflix. Sarah has 21.2 million lifetime streams on Pandora, as well as over 33.4 million views on Youtube to-date. Check out Sarah Reeves’ newest single, “Get Back Your Fight”, out now on all streaming platforms!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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