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  • Alison Holst

Review: "Get Better" - Ari Zizzo

"Get Better" is an earnest song from artist Ari Rizzo. Ari's intentions are to create music that makes an impact, and connects with listeners. "Get Better", is a prime example of how Ari is trying to accomplish this, and accomplishing it well. "Get Better" is sure to tug on the heart strings because the song dives into the emotions following a breakup. More specifically the song tackles the feeling of loss, and abandonment. In the song listeners can also get the sense that there was an abruptness to the loss Ari faced. The song is also really successful at combining both the emotions of anger and acceptance. Ari is recognizing his past anger and confusion, while also accepting the current reality, and realizing he is better off.

Ari Zizzo does a great job both mixing acoustic and raw sounds, with more electronic pop sounds. This shows Ari’s ability to use contemporary pop references, while also maintaining a unique sound. The tempo change from the verse to the chorus makes the transition an exciting and smooth one. The faster pace of the chorus really helps in delivering the emotional intensity of the song. This song is the perfect amount of pop and emotional, leading to a cathartic experience for listeners. Listener's are also given the space while listening to "Get Better", to feel all the feelings. "I don't really care if you ever get better", is the perfect lyric to scream post breakup.

Ari Zizzo was born in New York, to his musical parents on the Upper East Side. He would attribute some of his inspiration to his parents among other artists. He began his journey with music at age four, and at thirteen he was itching to be an artist. Ari would then go to college to study music, and afterward move to L.A. to pursue his artistry. Ari ZIzzo does more than just make music, he is a true artist. His intentions show his authenticity as he is setting out to make the music closest to his heart that will connect with and help others.

Written By Alison Holst



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