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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Ghost of You" - Holly Hebe

Holly Hebe releases haunting new track, “Ghost of You.” As the tides change, so do people, and there is a real sense of loss that comes with moving on. When someone who was once your world is now no longer a part of your days, you have to mourn that relationship. You do a double take in the grocery store, or down a familiar road, because you feel their spirit everywhere. They’ve stained the walls of your mind, and their presence lingers no matter how much you try to block it out. There is a gut-wrenching sadness that comes with the realization that someone has been lost along the way long ago in the trajectory of your life. No matter where you go, or who you meet, you’re haunted by a lover past, and you’re getting used to the illusive company. “Ghost of You” emulates a sense of loss that is otherworldly, yet omnipresent.

“Ghost Of You” tells the tale of mourning the past version of a relationship, or a loved one, due to uncontrollable changes over time. The track is likened to the lingering memories of a haunted house. The lyrics express the struggles of desperately trying to hold onto something, or someone, when you know you’re destined to grow apart. This dreamy pop single is steeped in ethereal rhetoric. Holly’s soft vocals ache with sadness and longing. Regret transcends through every note. Prepare to be swept away by the somber emotions that “Ghost of You” evokes, and say a solemn prayer that the curse will be lifted, and you will be free.

Holly Hebe is a budding singer, songwriter, and producer from Melbourne. She is quickly getting noticed in the music industry for her euphoric vocals and dreamy instrumentals. Her indie-pop arsenal is reminiscent of icons, Holly Humberstone and Phoebe Bridgers. Holly started playing piano at a mere four years old, and her passion for music was implemented ever since. She infuses her love for poetry and the piano to create celestial, dreamy pop tracks. You can catch Holly live in a special show along Sandy Hsu in Melbourne on August 25th. Holly Hebe is rapidly cementing her spot in the music scene, and her talent will haunt you much like her latest track, “Ghost of You.”

Written By Grace Chapman



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