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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Ghost of You" - Jonahh

Coming from a personal place, Jonahh has released new single, "Ghost of You," narrating some of his feelings about a long-term relationship that ended abruptly. Jonahh shares that the relationship lasted for several years until she showed up with two large men and a fighting dog to clear their shared apartment of valuables. "Ghost of You" is a collaboration between Jonahh, renowned Icelandic songwriter Ásgeir Orri Ásgeirsson, and Danish producer Malthe Seierup. The trio wrote and produced the song in just one day, an impressive feat for such a well-composed song.

"Ghost of You" is short and (bitter)sweet. While the track's lyrics are full of frustration and hurt, Jonahh creates a light atmosphere with his smooth vocals and energetic pop beats. "Ghost of You" drips with electronic pop attitude, featuring a dreamy synth atmosphere. Throughout the song, Jonahh shows off his impressive vocal range, seamlessly soaring into high notes during the chorus. Composing an enthralling masterpiece, Jonahh showcases addictive melodies in "Ghost of You" that are sure to linger in listeners' minds. Between Jonahh's dazzling voice and the track's melodic appeal, "Ghost of You" needs to be an immediate addition to any pop fan's summer playlist.

Hailing from Stavanger, Norway, 26-year-old Jonah Bjerga is the face behind Jonahh. The young artist is making waves in the electronic pop world, bringing a unique, Scandinavian twist to the genre. His music journey began at the age of 7, being a drummer in a marching band; he later found his voice on theater and musical stages. After facing some difficulties in his early adult life, Jonahh has found his way back to music, working intensely for the past the 3 years on his artist project. Giving fans an authentic view into his life, Jonahh uses his personal experiences as inspiration for his music.

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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