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  • Victoria James

Review: "Gimme Love" - Airyen Vay

Have you ever wanted more from someone but they aren’t showing you how much they care? In what feels like a romantic drought these days, people aren’t openly affectionate towards their partners, and Airyen Vay feels it too. In her new single “Gimme Love,” she captures the all-too-familiar feeling of wanting your partner to express their unapologetic appreciation towards you. “Gimme Love” will tug on your heartstrings because of her emotional performance and the song’s relatability. Airyen Vay gives us an honest track with her heart on her sleeve for all listeners to witness. The song gives us the confidence to embrace vulnerability, even when it’s hard to let your partner know how you truly feel.

“Gimme Love” has all the components for the perfect pop/R&B ballad. Airyen Vay provides strong, captivating vocals on a bold beat, and the solid production elevates the song. She sings with soul and passion, making listeners feel deeply. She breathes life into the impelling lyrics. She shows off her voice with impressive high notes, harmonies, and runs. Her voice pairs perfectly with the song, like the last two pieces of a puzzle that fit together. The chorus is repetitive and catchy, giving the song incredible replay value. The hook stays with us and leaves us wanting more. If the song were a color, it would be gold. The song has shimmer, but it also holds so much weight. The song is rich in sound and emotion.

Airyen Vay is so dedicated to making her dreams come true that she moved to the United States from Botosani, Romania, to jump-start her singer-songwriter career. She started taking vocal lessons and learning instruments like the guitar, piano, and flute when she was nine years old. Growing up, she competed and won a few talent competitions in Romania, but the United States was calling out to her. Airyen Vay is now based in Los Angeles, California, writing songs that speak to people's hearts. Her music is a mix of R&B, pop, and soul, but she has been writing about equality, freedom, human rights, and love because she believes that is what the world needs right now. Airyen Vay has released a few songs, with her latest being “Gimme Love,” and she’s currently working on her debut album.

Written By Victoria James


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