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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "GIRL" - Georgia Hoareau

A specific mood lives in the late-night hours of the day alone in one's bedroom, and this new release, "GIRL" by Georgia Hoareau, brings the vulnerability in those hours to the surface. Delving into the topic of moving on from a past relationship, Hoareau details how we can't help but think back on the moments that made us love being with them and find that tiny spark of wanting it back even if we know it's for the best. Hoareau brings a new definition to feeling your emotions with uplifting drums, dynamic guitar, and bass. With "GIRL" we can see the start of the soundtrack of wanting to get everything off your chest in the fieriest of ways.

With a passionate, hard-hitting melody and powerful vocals, Georgia Hoareau's new song, "GIRL" resonates deep within the human psyche. Even knowing that we should move on from the things that will live only in our past, there's always going to be that little bit of hope that manifests in the form of reminiscing. This reflective single opens with the line, "I'll be honest, it still hurts" and shows just that-- that it's over, we know it, and we don't want it to start again; however, we can't help but think about the happiness it gave us over the hurt. With the echoing background vocals, Hoareau effectively makes this new single reverberate through our bodies, emphasizing the emotions she put into the lyrics and making this track tear-rendering in the best way possible.

Georgia Hoareau is an 18-year-old singer/songwriter from Gold Coast, Queensland. "GIRL" is Hoareau's third single, showcasing her soulful voice with a bedroom pop track. Working with her fantastic band, consisting of her brother and guitarist, Will Hoareau, bassist Harry J Hart, and drummer Jay Wolfe, we are granted a combination to give stunning and energetic performances that are sure not to disappoint. Working on her first EP set to come out later this year, we can see what to expect by listening to her three already released singles, "17", "Therapy", and this new release, "GIRL". Hoareau's music juxtaposes light, airy melodies with heartfelt lyrics, a unique combination making her stand out from the rest of today's emerging artists.

Written By Jane Katryn



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