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  • Willow Gray

Review: "Girl in a China Shop" - Caroline Romano

“Girl In a China Shop” is a commercial alt pop anthem that explores the realization that with every action you take, you unintentionally damage the most precious things to you. As life progresses, you find yourself not doing so and making a mess of things. Pushing away kind people and disappearing in order to be noticed is practically second-nature to you. You are so enwrapped in your negative actions that your defenses are high, awaiting your own self-destruction. There’s no delicacy in your actions and you find yourself shattering everything around you. The only thing around you is the decay of your self-image and the destructive boundaries you’ve shakily built up. You try to navigate through your life without causing too much chaos due to what you have done before. All you want is for someone to stop you from hurting yourself and others before you completely destroy every last product in this china shop.

“Girl In a China Shop” is an alt pop single with a decent mix of rock-reminiscent guitar, commercial pop instrumentation, and stunning vocals. The standout element here is the rock-inspired guitar that is sprinkled throughout. An interesting aspect to this guitar is that it does not dominate in every section of the song. It primarily structures the chorus and bridge and serves as an exciting break from the verses. The commercial pop, almost contemporary, instrumentation really defines the verses and serves as a light backing to the narrative Caroline Romano tries to depict through her singing. The vocals Romano delivers throughout this single highlight the story she is telling and it does so effectively with every line. Every element described showcases a nicely polished experience to listen to.

Caroline Romano is a singer-songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee. She has been writing and performing her own music from a very young age. She released her very first single at age 15 and her career has skyrocketed from there. She moved to Nashville from Mississippi within the next couple years and released a collaborative single, which garnered respectable success. In 2022, she dropped her debut album which has received an admirable amount of streams. The album, like her career, has a broad range of genres and themes that are all met with praise. She has accumulated a strong online presence and continues to release new and impressive bodies of work. Make sure to listen to “Girl In a China Shop” and follow her on social media!

Written By Willow Gray



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