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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Girl With Headphones" - Love You Later

“Girl With Headphones” by Love You Later is an honest alt-pop song that delves into feeling out of control in your own life. She beautifully sings about those secrets we keep in our mind when we greet the world with a fake smile. We hurry to get to sleep because maybe tomorrow will be better. We let our apartment mirror life’s messiness because we simply don’t have the energy today to act like we have it all together. We obsess over little moments from the past and anxiously await what tomorrow holds. We can’t seem to find the remote to turn off our ever-racing mind, and we wish for just a moment of peace. We remember a time when life was good, and we felt free, and we impatiently await for that version to return. Music is an ironically quiet savior. No matter what life throws at us, there’s one thing we can control, and that’s our playlist. Even if it doesn’t heal us, it’s a momentary bandaid that helps us escape. Whether you’re singing a happy song to forget the negativity, or screaming a sad song to sulk in your pain, you’re able to express yourself in a way that is not only necessary, but momentarily freeing.

The moment this song begins, you completely understand the title. Love You Later was able to convey the exact feeling as when you’re walking down a busy street, surrounded by noise and chaos, and then you put your headphones on, and turn the volume up to 10 to drown it all out, and escape your own thoughts. When Love You Later discusses real world issues and mental health struggles, you can’t help but feel empowered and realize you are not alone in this world in feeling alone. The backing track makes you want to step outside, and face the world where you will pass many other people in headphones doing the same exact thing. The intro music quickly races and any outside thoughts are immediately drowned out, and then she contrasts that with raw, thought-provoking lyrics. It’s so important to talk about these struggles we all face, and are sometimes ashamed to admit to even ourselves, and Love You Later does it in a remarkable, catchy way that will leave her audience comforted and in camaraderie with a world full of strangers.

Love You Later is the solo alt-pop project of Lexi Aviles. This Nashville-based artist pairs vulnerable, candid lyrics with electric melodies, captivating guitar riffs and euphoric synths. Lexi’s career began to takeoff with her debut single, “Lost In Lost Angeles”, that charted at #12 on Spotify’s Viral Top 50 in Global, US, and Canada. At just 24 years old, Love You Later has gained over 7.9 million streams, and she continues to collaborate with the industry’s top artists. She has received attention from tastemakers like LADYGUNN, MTV, Euphoria, and more. “Girl With Headphones” is Love You Later’s latest single, and we know she’ll be in our headphones on repeat. Check out her social media pages below, and follow to stay in the know about future music and her rising success!

Written By Grace Chapman



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