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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "Glad to be Alive" - Doppe & Kokke (feat. Justin Erinn)

“It feels like I’m alone and there’s no one to listen.” Few people know about our silent battles; the obstacles to inner peace that seem to never cease. Especially with the pandemic, isolation has become an increasingly common coping method. However, that’s like being pulled into the shadows just to run into the same challenges. ‘Glad to be Alive’ by Doppe & Kokke tells us to embrace our fears and to never give up, no matter how rigorous the battle is. Living in the present is easier said than done, but you don’t have to keep fighting solo. Reach out to your friends! Go after that dream! And most importantly, choose to be authentically you, because that’s when you’re at your most powerful!

Doppe & Kokke do a phenomenal job of creating a lively backdrop. Motivating acoustic guitar strums lay the foundation for an empowering ballad. The party mood is intensified by a synth-filled EDM drop after each chorus. Featured artist Justin Erinn has a voice like honey. Silky smooth and decadent, his musical agility is made superior by the incredible runs he does in the second verse. The lyrics are nothing short of relatable. Finding your “missing pieces”, living every day as if it were your last, and breaking out of your comfort zone. All of these are difficult to implement, but so rewarding when you realize that it’s all for your benefit. In light of that, this song is a total confidence builder for anyone who listens to it!

Raised in Sweden, the now Swiss-based duo Doppe & Kokke are all about feel-good music. Their unique blend of EDM and Tropical House production inspires others to excellence. Transparent in their approach, they create vivid experiences based on personal reflection and mindfulness. What I love about Doppe & Kokke is their brilliantly thought-out motto. In it, they admit that while they can’t change the world with their music, they can change the people in the world. ‘Glad to be Alive’ gives them joy, much like their other amazing projects. Checking out this duo is an absolute must!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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