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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Gone By Now" - Only The Poets

How long does it take to get over heartbreak? That question is the beating pulse of Only The Poet's latest single, "Gone By Now." The second single teasing their forthcoming EP, One More Night, is a synth pop send-off to lingering feelings that fail to dissipate. It begins with the gentle thump of kicks and stable bassline, but quickly evolves with a dance pop drum beat and lush production. Lead vocalist, Tommy Longhurst, uses his husky and impressive voice as a centerpiece to the flashy sound. "Gone By Now" is a song haunted by the ever-present love he still has for someone he doesn't want anymore. Just because you've decided that a relationship is not going to work doesn't mean your heart will catch up faster.

"I want you to leave," Longhurst sings on the second verse, repeating the last two words as they echo in his head. "I want you to say," he immediately follows with. It's a classic conflict between head and heart. "You're still living in my head, babe, / hanging around I thought you'd be gone by now." At some point, we expect ourselves to move on from something. With time and fresh experiences, heartbreak is processed into a memory we're comfortable enough to live with. "Gone By Now" is the frustration that the wound has yet to heal. "I'm better off lonely," Longhurst winces. He is both stuck in the past and locked away from it.

One More Night, the upcoming EP from Only the Poets, is set to release on June 7th. Prior to "Gone By Now," the band released the title track to the project. Promoting the project, the band are currently embarking on a 30-date tour across Europe. The EP was recorded on the road, with most of the production being done by band members Marcus Yates (drums) and Clem Cherry (guitar). The band will finish their current European tour on April 11th, before heading back on the road for a UK tour in June. In December of 2023, the band released a seven-track EP, titled after the year. Their prolific streak of releases demonstrate the band's current synergy and skyrocketing acclaim.

Written By Andy M.

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