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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "Good All On My Own" - BOWIE

Society’s got its own book of rules– for girls, no matter where they’re from, it’s a mile long. The usual suspects include wearing makeup, speaking politely, and looking pretty, skinny, and well-kept; always say “yes,” never say “no”; make sure to nod– don’t shake your head. It’s these chain-like rules that BOWIE sings about breaking in her newest single “Good All On My Own” in her upcoming EP “The Right Way Up.” “Good All On My Own” is a song for the girls (and, really, anyone who feels like they don’t fit into their assigned box in life) that reject what society expects of them– the beauty, the people-pleasing, and all the other stupid and arbitrary rules that are written in the big codex for folks to live by.

“Good All On My Own” has lyrics full of conviction– the frustration is palpable throughout each verse, and, every time the chorus comes by, it’s like a huge release of stress. BOWIE sings “I’m good all on my own” with a pulsing synth in the background, inviting its listener to tap their foot along and sing with her. It’s a deeply powerful rhythm, just like its lyrics. “Good All On My Own” details the rejection of societal norms and being comfortable and proud in your own skin and self; in an audible representation of this, BOWIE sings “I’ll wait until your bubble pops” as a balloon pops in the background to a sudden silence. It’s a sober moment, but it doesn’t last for long as the best part of the song begins with a swelling choir as BOWIE croons, “I’m so good all on my own.” It feels like an anthem in the same way that anthems are meant to move entire groups of people to feel a sort of connection and kinship to the song’s message; it's that sudden realization that you don't have to subscribe to the traditional meaning of “girl” or “beauty”: you can be good all on your own. “Good All On My Own” is a universal feeling and BOWIE translates it perfectly through honest lyrics and an infectiously catchy beat.

BOWIE grew up not in a cradle but in tour buses, clubs, and concert halls. Born to two professional musicians, she has been surrounded by music and the music industry her entire life. After being booked by Jules Buckley (co-founder of the Heritage Orchestra) and the WDR Funkhausorchester as a soloist, she quickly paved her way for a career in music. In November 2022, BOWIE released her debut EP “The Upside Down” while on the verge of buckling beneath the growing pressure of all the expectations that come with being a young woman– yet, she persevered, and is now releasing her next EP in September 2023, “The Right Way Up,” of which “Good All On My Own” is part of. "The Right Way Up" is also part of a concept album that is slated to release in spring 2024. With a singularly unique musical tone, filled with genuine, candid lyrics that may remind you of Regina Spektor and Ashe, and a complex and distinct musical style brimming with synth and intense rhythm, BOWIE remains a fresh voice in the pop genre. VOGUE Germany agrees, listing her as one of the six most promising rising female artists of 2023. For now, you can look forward to BOWIE’s September 2023 release of “The Right Way Up” and listen to “Good All On My Own” in the meantime. I'm looking forward to all the tunes that BOWIE's next EP will have to offer!

Written By Alexa Leung



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