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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Good For Me" - ROSIE

Understanding the complex dynamics of love can be a crippling challenge. Love is a choice between two people who want each other, choose each other, and fight for each other, but it’s not always that simple. Love after heartbreak is a different ballgame. You have to heal yourself and are still left with scars that sting. Your new person is essentially responsible for mending wounds they didn’t create. We can get in our own heads and be our own worst enemy. I choose him, but what if he changed his mind? He says he loves me, but so did he… and look how that turned out. At some point, you have to heal yourself. Self love can be the hardest thing to consciously decide to do everyday, but one day you’ll find someone worth fighting for; someone who deserves your love and not your fears from the past; someone who shows up everyday and thinks everything that has happened has made you the person they want to be with forever. One day you’ll look down at your scars and deep cuts, and you will smile because you no longer feel the pain, and you just see a beautiful, unique roadmap that lead you to the right person. It’s easy to look at the person we love, eyes lit up with admiration, and question how they can feel the same, but real, true love begins in the mirror. When we choose to stay, not let our head outrun our heart, and realize they choose to love us because they simply love us and we are deserving, is the moment you will feel free and the past will be nothing more than the past.

ROSIE’s “Good For Me” is a gut-wrenching ballad of relatability. There’s not a person on this earth who hasn’t questioned if they are worthy, if someone’s feelings are true, or if they’re simply not good enough for the person they have chosen to give their heart too. Listening to “Good For Me” is like watching a comfort movie. The insecure protagonist doesn’t realize her enchantment and has to go through the stages to find her self-worth with trials and tribulations, but in the end she finds someone worth accepting her sparkle for because he loves her for her, fought for her, and allowed her to see her own beauty, but she had that love within her the entire time. She has no idea she’s the reason we keep coming back to this movie because we see ourselves in her and yearn for her moment of clarity. ROSIE says “One day, I’ll wake up. See that I’m enough,” and this is the success story we all hope for. Even acknowledging that one day you will get there, even if you’re far from it, is inspiring. Even when we don’t believe it… especially when we don’t believe it… we stand tall in the mirror, head held high, scars glistening, and we believe we are worthy of the love that has found us. As cliche as it may be, love starts from within and we accept the love we think we deserve. So let’s be kind to ourselves and acknowledge that we deserve the world. Our quirks, and habits, and flaws are seen by others as attractions, trophies, and magic, and even if we have to fake it til we make it, growth begins when we start accepting that we are who we are, and that’s what makes us worth all the love in the universe.

ROSIE is an up and coming phenomenon who uses her songs to inspire her listeners. She rose to fame with her debut EP, 20mg of Happiness in 2021. She has been featured on songs like “ilym” with John K which has gained millions of Spotify streams, and she even cowrote on Joshua Bassett’s “Used To It” which has earned high praise and plays. At just 22 years old, she seems to have a lifetime of wisdom and an old soul that makes us want to listen and learn from her. ROSIE is an advocate for mental health awareness and it is seen through every song she writes. These are the messages that the world needs to hear and ROSIE lets everyone know that they are not alone. We can’t wait to follow her journey and see her fight to change the world through her passion of music and just being her authentic self. We will all be saying “Good For Me” that I got to be apart of her incredible journey… that’s only beginning.

Written By Grace Chapman



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