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  • Gillian Mena

Review: "GOODBYE" - Hattie Oates

It always seems to be easier to leave when someone give you a reason to. This is the same ideology that Hattie had while creating the lyrics behind "GOODBYE". Beginning as a pep talk to herself, then spiraling to a self realization that she can only thank those no longer in her life for the self development that caused. "GOODBYE" serves as a powerful anthem to welcome Hattie into the next chapter of her music career.

Starting with a slow intro to the song Hattie showcases the lyricism within the song before she launches into an upbeat pop rock sound. The background instrumentals set the tone for the song with a strong bass and guitar sound to complement the lyrics. The various rythms that are created throughout the song create a strong sense of diversity within the sound, keeping listeners on their toes for what comes next. Closing out the song with a similar slowed down isolated sound brings a personal aspect to the song allowing for the powerful emotions behind the song to shine through.

An upcoming Australian artist, this 18 year old has started off strong. Reciving media praise form Dave Howe and Deke Sharon on her vocal performances, the artists powerful and commanding voice has drawn the attention of many. While building her portfolio she has been featured by Spotify in their "Peacefull Pop" and "Indie Arrivals" playlists. "Goodbye" matches the strong and powerhouse persona she has shown so far leaving listeners yearning for more.

Written By Gillian Mena



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