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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Gravity" - Hanna Söderberg

“Gravity” is a powerful pop anthem about forging your own path, nothing holding you back. Sometimes, it’s all too easy to give up and succumb to the crowd, but Söderberg makes sure that we’re living with no regrets. While sometimes the safe option seems to blend in with the crowd, Söderberg reminds us to make our own choices based on ourselves, rather than how we might be perceived. It’s ok to make mistakes, because “you live and you learn”.

The highlight of this song is the powerful chorus that Soderberg delivers; her soaring voice paired with a catchy chorus makes for quite an earworm. Throughout the song, Söderberg's voice rises and falls, accenting the emotion of suddenly breaking free and on your own. The music is bouncy and upbeat, carrying a general feeling of accomplishment and joy to the soundscapes. During the pre-chorus, the sound of claps creeps in as they serve as the backdrop of Söderberg's triumphant chorus.

Hanna Söderberg, a Swedish-born singer-songwriter born in Gothenberg, is a lyricist and vocal coach. Learning piano and voice at a young age, Söderberg began studying gospel and jazz music before obtaining her Masters of Education from Malmoe Academy of Music, profiling in rock and pop music. Writing and releasing music with a diverse cast of artists, from kpop to latin pop and Swedish house, Söderberg decided to pursue her solo artist career. She’s got a lot to offer, and it’s exciting to see how her sound evolves.

Written By Megan Cao



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