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  • Conner Pettit

Review: "Greatest Story Never Told" - Claudia Neuser

Unlike the common fairy tale, love doesn’t always have a happy ending. Claudia Neuser grapples with this unfortunate reality in her new single “Greatest Story Never Told”, about a crumbling relationship that fell through unexpectedly. Claudia says she started “ripping out the pages” and “all the promises (were) unrealised”, sharing how seemingly great relationships can end imperfectly. Many people can likely relate to expectations not matching life’s realities, twisting in ways no one could’ve predicted. Therefore, this is, truly, a song for those who are still, and need to, grieve what could’ve been.

Beginning with soft, twinkly piano and Claudia’s distinct vocals, the song progresses with cinematic violins—akin to watching a theater production, the interlude grounding the story through heartfelt lyrics. The track whirs into a melodic, catchy pre-chorus, saying “hey now, nothing left to say now, memories will fade out”—the energy, then, collapsing, drawing focus towards the poignant line “guess we’ll never know.” During the second verse, the production adds a more prominent drum beat while Claudia sings with greater intensity (belting), reminding me of artists like Emeline and Sody. I really appreciate the ghostly yet theatrical piano before the bridge, conveying how love can be just as vulnerable as standing, alone, on stage.

Swedish singer, songwriter Claudia Neuser quickly garnered popularity with her debut song “Call Me By Your Name”, featuring Omar Rudberh, Ariana Grande-inspired vocals, and heartfelt production. Having already amassed 3+ million Spotify streams and 245K monthly listeners, Claudia released her first solo single, “Euphoria”, earlier this year, containing atmospheric production—flavored with R&B and classic pop instrumentation. Now signed to TEN Music Group, her sound foreshadows imminent success, displaying an incredible vocal clarity and range, something, I’m certain, will help Claudia climb the pop charts in coming years!

Written By: Conner Pettit



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