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  • Kasey D.

Review: "GRENADE" - Sval

The emotional turmoil many experience in their early adult years can certainly be a struggle. Singer Sval expresses this in her latest single “Grenade”, which discusses the difficulty found in becoming a full-functioning, self-reliant, adult. For many of us, life can bully us into feeling alone, incapable, and lost. “Grenade” doesn’t shy away from these emotions nor the reality of feeling beaten and battered by life. This melancholy alt-rock tune is a certified anthem for those in desperate need of a break – to loosen the tie we’re often forced to wear.

“Grenade” has a heavy hitting tone that seams flawlessly throughout the song. The chorus: So I'll take it all for granted / Blow it like a grenade / Emotional but damn it / Can't stop me being mad , holds intensity and sentiment that reaches listeners with great depth. Sval’s striking songwriting abilities can make any listener feel heard and understood, regardless of their personal struggles. There’s only a few lyricists capable of hypnotising an audience with their passion alone, and Sval is definitely one of them. “Grenade” has the potential to pave a new sound for our generation that relates to themes of nihilism, realism, and daring reflection. Throughout the digital age, mental health and self expression has become more accepted and encouraged than ever before. Singers and songwriters like Sval, are creating a voice for those still amidst the internal struggle.

Sval is a 23-year-old Norwegian singer with years of songwriting experience under her belt. In 2019, she released her EP, Young Alien, and accumulated over 15 million streams from her discography alone. Sval is a talented artist with a unique sense of musical ability that captures her passion for singing and songwriting well. We hope to see and hear more from this lovely artist. Please follow her socials below!

Written By: Kasey D.



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