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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Guilty" - Etham

While breakups are a very difficult situation to deal with, they don’t always have to be horrible, and it’s a good thing if you’re able to stay in a positive mindset in the aftermath. Artist Etham explores this topic in his latest single “Guilty” where he sings of a past relationship and how he wishes to not overthink everything in the past. It’s a nice message we don’t always get in breakup songs, so Etham is able to provide us with a fresh insight which is a nice change. The track itself is a simple acoustic track that allows for Etham’s vocals to really be highlighted. While the song has a deep meaning, there is still a fun nature to it in the energy the music creates. It adds to the hopeful nature of the lyrics that focus on not staying in a dark place due to the breakup. Overall, “Guilty” by Etham is a great track that shows off not just his writing abilities, but his overall talent as well.

The song begins with a simple acoustic guitar riff that continues throughout the track. During the pre-chorus, the lyric “cause we never fell apart, we just fell out of love” cuts deep as that realization of falling out of love with someone is one no one wants to experience but is often the result. The chorus is incredibly catchy and leaves room for you to have fun with it even as it discusses a difficult subject. The song's energy is able to keep this topic lighthearted with the way that sounds, and that’s an interesting aspect of it. The background vocals towards the end of the chorus especially contribute to the positive lighthearted nature the track manages to maintain. As the song continues, the speaker in the track talks about not wanting to lose that friendship with the person they dated, and it creates this nice message. Etham’s songwriting abilities are really highlighted in the song as he tells the story of this past relationship. “Guilty” by Etham is a wonderful track that stands away from the usual depressing breakup songs and brings an opposing positive light we usually never see.

Etham is a Reading-based musician who has been gaining lots of popularity for some time now. He has gained over 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify and has received lots of praise for his craft, including publications such as Wonderland and Noctis. Recently, he had the opportunity to go on tour as an opening act for artist Sabrina Claudio. The song “Guilty” is the second single to be released from his upcoming EP. The song differs from his past tracks as it is more guitar-driven than his usual piano-heavy songs. The popularity Etham has received is clearly well deserved as he is an artist with a true talent for storytelling, and you can expect him to do great things in the future.

Written By Chantal Charles


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