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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "Guilty Pleasure" - Ariana Fig

In "Guilty Pleasure" Ariana Fig expresses her desire to embrace the things that make her happy, even if they are seen as "bad for her." This song essentially focuses on falling for the wrong man, but the high she gets from loving him is enough to keep her around. She recognizes the dark side of being with someone who always leaves her feeling hurt in the end, but she is willing to stay around him. This situation is one that many can relate to for many different reasons. No matter how badly someone's lover treats them, maybe their lover is the best they think they will ever get. Maybe there are just so many memories with them that it's impossible to let go. Maybe they feel that the few good moments are just enough to keep them around. No matter the situation, the hurt is never quite enough to drive them away.

Ariana brings a 70s-esqe feel to this piece with the melody she selected. The dreamy guitar chords and drum beat give this piece the same ethereal feel that the music of that decade possesses. Her vocals possess similar qualities as well, as her voice brings extra warmth and an airy feel to the piece. The theme of this song revolves around chasing after strong emotions and Ariana's voice strongly emulates the emotions that she wishes for her audience to feel. This piece as a whole just feels so celestial and brings back old-school sounds that shouldn't be forgotten in today's music scene.

Ariana Fig was born and raised in southwestern Canada and has been devoted to music her entire life. She began playing violin and performing in musical theatre in her youth and moved on to writing her own pieces at the age of 13. Ariana was heavily influenced by the sounds of the 70s, finding inspiration from artists including Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones. She creates her music all on her own, so the lyrics, melodies, and vocals her fans listen to are all produced by her. She began releasing her music in recent years, including her first EP Taboo, and has steadily released pieces since her debut. With all of the musical talent and experience that Ariana has, she is sure to continue making great content for her listeners.

Written By Melina Darlas


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