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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "Happier Than Me" - Samica

“I should move away, straight out to LA”– Samica’s new breakup single is about wanting to leave everything behind and just go somewhere else. A lot of the time, when things start to get rough in a relationship and don’t workout, our first instinct to just run away and avoid the problem. While it’s not always the best idea to just leave, sometimes we do it anyways and are on our way. “Happier Than Me” is a song just for that– leaving and getting out. Simply put– relationships don’t always work out. Samica sings “We let our love fade away”, showing this and how the real challenge about getting out of a relationship that failed is dealing with the fact that they might be happier than you are.

Samica has a very distinctive sweetly sounding voice that adds a nice tone quality to her song. With most of the song sung in a high register, Samica shows off her vocal talent. “Happier Than Me” has a chill vibe that mainly comes from the acoustic guitar and slow drum-set beats. The best part of the song however, is probably the masterfully created lyrics. Samica expertly conveys the pain of having a relationship not workout and being torn that they’re doing better than you. However, she does so in a way that shows her other side of wanting to just leave, get away, and not care. With this song you really get the full story of the conflicting feelings you have after a heartbreak. It isn’t always just one feeling, often times it's everything at once.

Samica is an Indian-American who grew up in San Fransico. She was raised on an eclectic mix of music ranging from Indian to R&B. After learning guitar at a young age and writing songs, she soon found inspiration to continue when she realized her background was widely unrepresented in mainstream global music. Determined to change the representation in the music industry, Samica began releasing covers of international hits and soon gathered a following. She released her first single back in 2019 and has released many more since. Samica is quickly getting more popular so make sure you don’t miss out on anything from this icon!

Written By Emily Hancock



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