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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "happy 4 u" - LO LA

Get ready for a wild ride of relatable post-breakup emotions as LO LA reveals her newest hit, "happy 4 u." Breakups are messy. Managing the pain of separation from someone you love is rough, but seeing them move on and find happiness with someone new makes it more complex. With LO LA, we see her bouncing back and forth between trying to find the peace in being single after her ex failed to change, and not knowing how to feel after seeing them be happy with another person. She wants to move on, but the emotional baggage is holding her back. “happy 4 u” captures the messy reality of a break-up as we follow LO LA navigating through the complexities of the moving on process.

The song opens up with LO LA’s unanswered questions. She raises suspicions about her ex, and expresses her dissatisfaction in the relationship. All LO LA wanted was happiness, but instead experiences broken promises of change after repeated chances. After deciding to separate because of this, she later watches him flaunt his newfound joy with someone else. This left LO LA’s head spinning. She sarcastically sings, “Oh I’m so happy for you. I just love hearing you talk about her and how you’re good without us. Now that you’re with someone new, call me sayin’ that you love her now. Oh you’re just so good without us screwed up.” Her unique voice, melodies, and ability of storytelling perfectly explains and captures the confusing thoughts and feelings that everyone experiences in a breakup. When describing the songwriting process, she states, “When I wrote 'happy 4 u,' I was digging into that messy post-breakup stuff, trying to turn it into a song that everyone could feel in their own way.”

LO LA is an emerging pop singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. Her sound is a blend of indie, alternative and dream-pop. Her musical journey sparked in highschool, realizing that she was meant to be an artist in the middle of a performance where she, “Felt such a high that I had an out-of-body experience.” Since then, her numbers have exploded. Across various platforms, she has over 100 million streams. She has also been a chart-topper in Indonesia for three consecutive weeks. A strong connection with fans worldwide is maintained with nightly Tik Tok live sessions where she sings, takes requests and promotes her music releases with fans that lasts for hours. This clearly shows her appreciation of those that listen to her and a commitment to reaching more audiences. Her efforts in creating music, connecting with fans and growing her audience continues to yield positive results, such as having multiple songs featured of various Spotify playlists. These include: SALT, Created by Women, New Pop Picks, Aesthetic, Fresh Finds, Indie Pop, Songs to Scream in the Car, and Pop Rising. Keep up with LO LA by clicking on the links below, and check out “happy 4 u” out now!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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