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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Happy For Me" - Emily James

Emily James gives us an optimistic new song with her single, "Happy For Me." This upbeat, electropop anthem dives into mental health and feelings of anxiety. "Happy For Me" sends an empowering message, encouraging listeners not to give in to feelings of self-doubt and self-loathing. The catchy single is paired with a fun, expressive music video. Throughout the course of the video, we see James let loose and unapologetically be herself. James had this to say about the video: I really leaned in to the notion of letting go of all my worries and fully embracing the joy and celebration of the moment. I had such a blast filming this and I think the arc of emotions within the video really captures the lyrics of the song.” The positive energy that radiates from this song and its music video is contagious and will put any listener in a fantastic mood.

Emily James once again proves herself to be a pop powerhouse with "Happy For Me." Her new synth-laden single is energetic and uplifting, featuring inspirational lyrics, lush harmonies, and memorable melodies. James wrote "Happy For Me" to remind listeners to celebrate themselves and not let anxiety steal their joy. The song starts off with high energy, but builds even more into an epic bridge section. James' crisp, gorgeous vocals soar over the bridge, creating a feeling that makes your soul take flight at the sound of it. The feel-good aura this song emits is addictive and will certainly have us listening to it on repeat.

Music has always been important to singer-songwriter, Emily James. Some of her earliest memories include her singing in the backseat of a car as a toddler. She'd belt out anything from radio hits, to classic rock, to her favorite songs from Wicked and Annie. She began her music journey by singing and taking piano lessons. By the time she was 10, she began writing her own songs. A few years later, she picked up the guitar and through it, found a fresh new outlet for her melodies and lyrics. As an early teen, James began performing her music at open mic nights in New York, later gigging in Nashville. She went on to spend two years in Nashville, where she recorded her self-titled EP. This was later followed by her second release, Til The Morning. After her time in Nashville, James decided to follow her calling for the west coast and relocated to Los Angeles. There, she began to produce her own music. James has since written and produced many of her subsequent releases from her west coast bedroom. Over the recent years, James has released a number of independent projects while attending UCLA. Soon after her college graduation, James has signed with Nettwerk Music Group and has gone on to release the EP, Illuminate, in July 2022. She ended the year with the release of her self-written and self-produced single, "For An Evening," which landed on Spotify's New Music Friday playlist.

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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