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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Hard To Please" - Rachel Bochner

Sharing her latest single, "Hard To Please," Rachel Bochner criticizes societal pressures with a fresh alt-pop track. "Hard To Please" tackles the unfairness society shows women and the struggle of breaking free from the internalized standards we're held to. Bochner explains: “I started writing ‘Hard To Please’ at a time where the pressure of looking and being perceived a certain way felt consuming. As a woman - in general and in the music industry - I felt like I kept getting caught in the push and pull of knowing deep down that I don't need to look a certain way or weigh a certain amount to be worthy of love and success, but not being able to fully let go of internalized, superficial beauty standards. This song was an outlet for me to voice that frustration and help me realize I deserve some grace.”

Matching the pent up frustrations expressed in the lyrics, "Hard To Please" is an aggressive, gritty number that will catch anyone's attention. The track is propelled forward by driving, unyielding drums and vigorous, edgy guitar riffs. Bochner's smooth, sweet vocals float over the spirited and energetic soundscape, delivering passionate melodies and punchy choruses. With lyrics like "I’m getting sick of it/Targets I’ll never hit/How can I reach the end of it/When there’s no finish line," it's clear that Bochner is fed up with society's standards, something she reflects well in the hard-hitting way she sings those lines.

A New York City-based singer-songwriter, Rachel Bochner is making waves in the music industry. She began her journey with an A&R internship at a record label, realizing her true passion was for creating and sharing her own music. Bochner went on to release several singles in 2019 and 2020, later releasing her first EP, 2 AM, in 2021. She's currently gearing up for the release of her second EP, It's Not Me, It's U, which is set to release on August 11th. Through her music, Bochner shows herself to be authentic and fearless, refusing to shy away from the thoughts, mistakes, and emotions others tend to. Some of Bochner's popular tracks include "ghosted my therapist," "Drunk Crier," "Purple," and "Sucker Punch."

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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