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  • Willow Gray

Review: "Harder To Love" - Liam Barrack

“Harder To Love” is an indie pop single that follows the emotional course one takes when they realize they cannot tolerate the negative actions of their loved one. As someone gets more and more wrapped up in their negativity, there may be someone who has to face the brunt of their actions. As someone who has tolerated another person’s self-absorption, you have tolerated a lot in the past. However, as the days pass and the negativity consumes you, you crave a life without it at the center of every interaction with them. You inch further and further away until you can better hear a life with more positivity. It would feel better if the loved one simply changed their ways but you have realized they made it so hard for others, including yourself, to love them. Once upon a time, their sweet words rang as a soothing lullaby for you after their negativity, but you have since grown. They can no longer pull you under with them and you finally understand that you have every right to be upset with them.

“Harder To Love” is an indie pop anthem that is as centric in its instrumentation as it is vocally. The stand out aspect of this single has to be the acoustic guitar riffs that serve as its opener. Before we hear any lyrics or vocalization, we are gifted that continuous yet satisfying guitar riff. Every building block of this song is grounded in the foundation of this acoustic guitar. The various little sprites of unique instrumentation sprinkled throughout serve as ear candy along with the vocals and lyrics. Liam Barrack’s vocals are simple yet intertwine together each lyric into a satisfying narrative string that is easy to grasp. The instrumentation and the vocals work together in a way that makes this into a cohesive and sweet experience.

Liam Barrack is a singer-songwriter based in Toronto, Canada. Barrack studied at and graduated from Bishop’s University in Quebec, earning a joint degree in Music and Computer Science. He has self-taught himself how to play multiple instruments and has used his personal abilities and education background to hit the ground running in the music industry. He earned over 30k streams within the first three months of his debut release. He impressively balances his music career and his passions as a programmer. He has established an impressive social media status and supporters. Make sure to follow him on social media and give “Harder To Love” a listen!

Written By Willow Gray



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