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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Hate Yourself" - Kerrigan Barry

Some people don't realize their faults, and not everyone has the intellectual capability to be self-aware. These toxic people cause issues and force others to lie in the beds that they've made-- tearing others down to push themselves up. We don't ever want to find ourselves in this situation, but sometimes it comes from the people we thought we could love and trust, and it's hard to tell them that they were hurting you when they held such an essential spot in your life. "Hate Yourself" by Kerrigan Barry is a song that stands to be a signal to people who blame others for their messes. She inspires confidence with this new track, filling it with an angsty mood to tell people she's done with being the person to deal with all of this emotional and verbal abuse--she's strong enough to say to herself and others that she's not putting up with it anymore.

It's raw, honest, and vulnerable in a fiery angsty melody. "Hate Yourself" by Kerrigan Barry screams out to those in this type of relationship, a push and keep pushing kind where there's no happy ending for them. She brings passionate confidence to the people in that same position, telling them that they can stand up for themselves while telling the other side that they need to go and check their actions. She sings, "I think you love to hate yourself", repeating it to emphasize that the abuser in this situation needs help, but they never seem to want it. They get a sick sense of enjoyment from yelling at others, taking out their anger on people who don't deserve it. She starts the song off gently with her vocals, slowly intensifying with a heavier guitar presence to bring it all together.

Kerrigan Barry is a singer/songwriter with a fire that can't be contained. She's vulnerable but confident, unapologetically being herself and garnering fans who admire that. She began her love and passion for music when she was only five from watching Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band on DVD. She's been praised for her approach to writing, taking on harsh and hard-to-approach topics with vigor, and wanting to spread her knowledge and opinion to anyone who will listen. Her work is inspired, and she currently hones her sound to pop punk, pop rock feel that makes people want to sing along.

Written by Jane Katryn



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