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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "Headache" - Lila Holler

This song, “Headache” by Lila Holler, is an upbeat, fun pop song about the party culture in the UK, Holler’s home. With a lighthearted, slightly sardonic tone throughout the whole three minutes, this song is meant to poke fun at party life and illustrate what it is to be young and to not take anything too seriously. Lyrics like “we’re not good, we’re not bad, we’re just young” and “just come and pick me up before you’re heading out tonight,” emphasize this. But the song also doesn’t shy away from some of the dark sides of partying, with lyrics like “I don’t think about you, I don’t think about her,” “we don’t care anymore,” and the titular “I’ve got a headache.” It’s great to be young and free and enjoy life, but reality still likes to creep in on the edges.

“Headache” is a pop summer anthem, filled with guitar strums and strong vocals and everything that makes a song light and fun. Starting right off the bat with sharp and bright instrumentals, the song instantly transports you to places like the beach with your friends, or even an old coming-of-age movie that fills you with nostalgia. The instrumentals quiet a bit as Lila Holler starts to sing, but the electricity remains in the song and remains throughout the entire three minutes. The percussion keeps a steady beat, making you bop your head and tap your foot and eventually just want to get up and dance. Overall, Holler has created the perfect summer song, one I’ve already had on repeat!

Lila Holler is an up-and-coming alternative singer/songwriter based in both Liverpool, England and Charlotte, North Carolina. She started teaching herself how to sing and write songs after being gifted an old guitar at the young age of fourteen, and has never stopped creating music since. Her experience at a performing arts boarding school in Michigan, as well as other artists like Clairo, Phoebe Bridgers, and FKA Twigs, have all influenced her growth and helped her develop her own unique sound. She released her first single in 2023, as well as an EP, Worth It Soon. “Headache” marks her second single in 2024 so far, after the March 8th release “Amelia.” Use the links below to explore more of her music!

Written By Morgan Fischer

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