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Review: “Heads Spinning” - Coco Bevan

Traveling the world for the first time is a rite of passage for the young. It's an experience that will leave your young adulthood filled with awesome memories that you can look back on. In her latest single, Heads Spinning, Coco Bevan perfectly captures this spirit. She uses the words, “head spinning,” to represent how overwhelming it can be to see all the new sights, but at the same time, the song is driven forward by lyrics that encapsulate the unique boldness and fearlessness of the young and the excitement they you feel when you're carefree and living in the moment.  

As an artist whose sound is heavily inspired by early 2000s pop icons such as Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, and Miley Cyrus, Coco Bevan combined electronic production with introspective lyrics that mirrors the electro pop music wave of the past. Coco created this sound by crafting an repetitive, catchy chorus which was outlined by the kick-clap pattern, which is what makes this song as danceable as it was. Heads Spinning uses this formula to bring back fond memories of the energetic hooks of the electro pop. Coco even describes her own particular sound as ‘girly electro pop’, and focuses on telling stories that blend the genres of pop and electronic music together.

Born in Sydney, Australia, Coco Bevan’s artistic education began as soon as she hit the stage. The young pop star grew up doing musical theatre and continued to study it in college at the Australian Institute of Music and Brent Street. She made the choice to pivot into singing and songwriting during the Covid-19 pandemic and her hard work paid off in July 2022 when she released her debut single “Rebel Soul.” Coco’s artistry extends beyond singing, as she also has established herself as a nightlife DJ and through sharing the journey of her 20s through day-in-the-life vlogs. Coco Bevan was born to be in the spotlight, and makes herself stand out in an era filled with talent by making music that expresses her personality and emotions fully.

Written By Lauren Lumsden

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