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  • Ari Schweitzer

Review: "Heart Attack" - Mikaela Stenmo

Shaking up the heartbreak pop scene is certainly not an easy feat. While breakups might bring us to our lowest point, they can also unleash passionate self expression through our creative outlets. Mikaela Stenmo is one such example, with her latest single “Heart Attack” bursting onto streaming platforms with its exciting deep house sound and pop vocals.

“Heart Attack” starts minimal but builds up quickly with ambient synths and Stenmo’s solemn lyrics about wanting another chance, and the rough edges of recovering from a heartbreak. By the time the chorus hits you’ll already be nodding your head as to steady percussion, which provides the ground for the EDM synths to run on and Stenmo’s vocals to soar over. She talks about the feelings of attachment and angst that wash over anyone fresh into a heartbreak, wanting to know where her past partner is and desperately trying to get over them.

Hailing from Sweden and raised in Belgium, Mikaela Stenmo has assembled an impressive catalog of pop and deep house music that would make anyone start to cry at the club. Her ever growing fan base patiently awaits her upcoming EP, New York, You’re Breaking My Heart. “Heart Attack” is the perfect track for anyone who needs to dance (or cry) their heart out.

Written By Ari Schweitzer



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