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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Heart Lies" - Maryon King

“Heart Lies” is Maryon’s latest single, released just two weeks ago. The piece is an in depth one, telling the story of love and growing with and without it, She utilizes flashbacks to display a more touching tale of how her sense of affection has changed, to help the listener understand where her “heart lies”. This isn’t a nostalgic piece about her first love, rather it is about a series of loves that make her nostalgic each time, that is, in the way they repeat the same patterns. She seems to never see it coming, each time feeling as if this person is “the one”. And each time, her heart, her gut lies to her and she leaves. She ages with the song and it seems at this point in her life, her heart has started to grow cold and she can’t trust the connections she feels. “Heart Lies” is about finding balance between following your heart and mind.

The song begins with a methodical piano before Maryon begins singing in her absolutely recognizable, stunning voice. It’s set up chronologically, beginning with her first encounter with these feelings, stating literally “I was sixteen when I first caught feelings”. She explains the start of her pattern here, experiencing a classic first heartbreak. Then nineteen, then the present. By laying out her relationship history like this, it allows the listener to understand her mindset when being afraid of these emotions, with even them feeling the repetition and her pain. The chorus then chimes in with her wonderful play on words “don’t you ask me where my heart lies, ‘cause my heart lies”. The song eventually ends on a following rendition of this chorus, those key words echoing away.

Maryon King has been everywhere, but has never strayed from her path as a musician. She was born in Moldova and raised in Italy and London, it was here she first saw a performance by Madonna on MTV that was literally life changing. From that point on, at 11 years old, she knew she wanted to be a singer. Under the fairly unsupportive eye of her parents, though, she pursued it in secret. She took singing lessons she arranged herself, and once she was in college switched her major to music. She’s an educated and talented artist whose passion has never been doubted. So, it’s not surprising her work has begun paying off. She’s now based in L.A., though she’s been heavily involved in the London music scene for years now and has been writing in her home cities as well as Paris. Her single “Boys Will Be Boys” has gained over a million streams and others hundreds of thousands. Listen to these and “Heart Lies” below and follow Maryon King now.

Written By Hailey Schap



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