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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "HEARTBEAT" - Isabel LaRosa

There's a tension that resides between two people who have an unspoken connection. When this connection delves into the range of obsession-- it gets fiery, intense, burning brighter than a wildfire. With the situation, we can see how two people can crave each other, looking at each other from across the room with a heat that can't be matched. So, in a song that talks about this type of interest, Isabel LaRosa brings us a dark club-influenced piece that drives us deeper into the romanticized feeling of young infatuation. Isabel LaRosa's newest track, "HEARTBEAT" is sure to spark a desire in your mind and pull you deeper into the feeling.

With a dark beat and growing intensity, Isabel LaRosa pushes the idea of young obsession through this newest track, "HEARTBEAT". She talks about how when two people connect, their pulses race, and emotions are high. LaRosa sings, "We don't talk about it, but we know that you're mine", wonderfully describing the passion between two people and the song. Her voice only stands to amplify the song--breathy and sultry, invigorating with the addition of the pulsing beat. Indeed, a song that makes us feel the hot and heady heartbeat between the two lovers--one that can't be overlooked. The song is fascinating and a good representation of LaRosa's unique electric and alt-pop sound.

Isabel LaRosa is made of music--stemming from her jazz musician father and guitar-playing brother. Because of them and her music-loving mother, she's always been surrounded by music of all types. When she was younger, she formed a duo with her sibling called "LaRosa" before they started to release their music as individuals during quarantine. Born in Annapolis, MD, LaRosa still writes her music with her brother--going viral on TikTok with their song "Haunted". The singer has since then released more songs, her newest being "HEARTBEAT" which is growing fast in streams on both Spotify and YouTube.

Written by Jane Katryn



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