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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Heartless" - David Nolf

“Heartless” isn’t just your average breakup song. It’s a dark and moody reflection on a toxic relationship. Instead of focusing on a breakup and the feelings after it, Nolf chooses to pinpoint the exact moment that you realize the crash of the relationship isn’t worth it. How you blissfully ignored the red flags around you as you tried to salvage this relationship from its fiery end. But now that it’s over, things are seen in a clearer light. But despite the messy end, you still want more. You willfully ignore your heart’s longing and try to logically conclude how this relationship was poisoning you with heartlessness.

David Nolf expertly uses the imagery of a fiery car crash off of a bridge to describe the tsunami of emotions swelling through you. Besides the catchy hook, the production of the song relies on the epic drop and booming of the bass to hammer in the heartless nature. This song has a dark atmosphere that’s accompanied with gritty drums and echoing synths.

David Nolf is a relatively new artist, but he brings a fresh perspective and attitude to the pop-edm scene. Performing at a variety of small gigs around LA and Hollywood, he’s slowly built a name for himself with dark and gritty songs that are partnered with soulful and heartwrenching lyrics. “Heartless” is only a taste of things to come as Nolf carves out a place for himself in the scene.

Written By Megan Cao



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