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  • Gillian Mena

Review: “Heaven” - Bazzi

In Hawaii two and a half years ago is where Bazzi’s latest single heaven was born. Co-written with Kevin White the track featured sampling from Fiction factory’s New Wave classic “(Feels like) Heaven”. A soothing sound that mirrors what Heaven may feel like, his latest song features a combination of excellent melodies as well as soothing vocals to bring together the sound.

Beginning with an upbeat intro containing beats that have an electric tone to them, the song quickly starts. There is a strong rhythmic pattern throughout the entire song that follows a similar trend as the vocal pattern. With these two aspects working together the song keeps a consistent sound throughout. When the chorus begins there is the addition of guitar as well as background chorus vocals. In conjunction with the beats present these aspects altogether create a very light and even heavenly sound to the song. The lyricism however is what ties everything in the song together. Telling a story of being lost in the presence of someone and the respective feeling being heavenly, Bazzi is able to break up the various parts of the song. One of the most notable vocal aspects is during the chorus when the vocals change into a higher registry. This is also when the chorus comes in allowing for there to be a harmonious, soothing sound to the song, making it truly feel heavenly.

Born from a Lebanese immigrant father and American mother, it was during his senior year when Bazzi moved to California and wrote two songs “Alone” and “Beautiful”. Both songs earned millions of streams, quickly gaining traction. His breakthrough however came after he released “Mine” in 2018. Collecting over 192 million views over Youtube alone “Mine” proved itself to be one of Bazzi’s biggest songs to date. These however are not his only accomplishments, having released “Paradise”, his biggest song to date, as well as numerous songs as of late such as “Will It Ever Feel The Same?”, “Miss America” and lastly “Heaven”. With his third solo album Infinite Dream set to release on September 16, with a tour to follow, Bazzi has shown himself to be fully focused on the future ahead.

Written By Gillian Mena



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