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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "Hello" (feat. Jake Wesley Rogers) - Bre Kennedy

This song, “Hello” by Bre Kennedy featuring Jake Wesley Rogers, is a song that’s all about personal growth. Sometimes it’s hard to reconcile that you change as a person over the years of your life, but sometimes that change is needed and in order to become the person you want to be you have to accept that things do not stay the same. You do not stay the same. In “Hello,” Bre Kennedy sings all about that change, singing how “it’s funny how a memory doesn't even look like me.” But she also sings about the acceptance as well, recognizing how she doesn’t “want to spend another day in rewind” and wonders “What if I said, ‘Hello’” to the new person she’s becoming. We’re stronger people the more we change, because it shows our growth and how we’ve taken the lessons life has taught us to learn more about not only who we want to be, but who we could be too.

“Hello” is a rousing pop song that keeps the energy high and consistent throughout the entire three minutes. Starting off with a strong beat and fast lyrics, you’re caught right up into the song, bouncing your head and your foot as you listen to Kennedy’s smooth voice pair perfectly with the rhythmic melody. The chorus continues the electric energy, but adds more depth to the instrumentals, therefore increasing the vibrancy. This pattern repeats - fast but smooth verse into a vibrant chorus - before the song drops low to highlight Jake Wesley Rogers’ spoken bridge. This moment of relative quiet builds the tension perfectly, dropping down in order to make the build back up to the chorus even more exciting. Overall, this song has quickly become a personal favorite of mine, calling to mind images of driving down the road with your friends and screaming your heads off to the music on the radio. The vivacity of “Hello” is incredible, and I do believe this is a song you’ll put immediately on repeat!

Bre Kennedy is a singer, songwriter, and producer, who’s gathered a large crowd of loyal fans due to her unique and engaging alternative pop tunes. Influenced by timeless talents such as Brandi Carlile, Fleetwood Mac, and Bonnie Raitt, she’s developed her own sound with her raspy voice and her clever lyrics that highlight some of life’s most difficult moments. This song, “Hello,” showcases her sound perfectly, and is the newest single off her upcoming album Scream Over Everything, coming out November 10th. She’s currently on tour across North America, and you can check out the links below to try and get tickets! Accompanying her on this track is singer/songwriter Jake Wesley Rogers, whose sound and storytelling has garnered his own loyal group of fans and compliments Bre Kennedy’s style flawlessly.

Written By Morgan Fischer

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