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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Hey Little Sister" - Rowan Drake

Rowan Drake takes listeners on an emotional journey through his childhood trauma in his latest single. “Hey Little Sister” is a remorseful track containing the words he wished he had said to his little sister when they were younger. The vulnerable song addresses the domestic violence they were experiencing at the time, and the trauma that they have endured. Drake is filled with regret, because he felt he was not there for his sister like an older brother should have been. They were both undergoing this trauma, and Drake processed it in his own manner. Listeners cannot help but feel empathetic to the emotions expressed in the song while Drake recounts the violence they witnessed. The lyrics give the listener insight on his past, but he ends the second verse with a touching sentiment toward his sister. He tells her that despite this life they have been given, he promises her that she is not alone. He regrets not being there for her during the rough times, but he is here now in the aftermath. “Hey Little Sister” is an incredibly honest and deep track that touches the hearts of listeners from the beginning to the end.

Rowan Drake immediately intrigues the listener with the haunting piano intro. From the first note, the listener is transported to a melancholy world that sets the tone of the song. Paired with the piano led production, Drakes heavenly voices perfectly compliments the gloomy atmosphere. The song brings in a darker element when an emergency siren is added to the end of the chorus, mimicking the danger Drake and his sister felt during this time in their life. This sound effect creates a surreal feeling to the song by catching the listener off guard, and putting them in Drake’s shoes. “Hey Little Sister” solidifies his well-rounded artistry, from the vulnerable lyrics to the mesmerizing melody.

Rowan Drake is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from Ithaca, New York. After a severe accident that ended his snowboarding career at 15-years-old, he turned to music as an emotional outlet. As a result, music quickly became his new passion. He began performing locally in his hometown and released his first song while still in high school. After graduating, he moved to Los Angeles to officially pursue his music career. Drake has four singles and is currently working on releasing more music.

Written By Karlee Smith



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