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  • Tessa Maddaloni

Review: "hide" - myah

In a relationship, it is typical to lose yourself in the idea of unity and the highs of the relationship itself. This feat can become dangerous when the love turns sour, leaving you defenseless, lost, and alone. Myah’s new release “hide” depicts this very act, explaining the artist’s experience with a romantic connection and how she felt once it turned against her. The song is upbeat and full of pulses and swells that connect to her lyrics. Her voice ebbs and flows with the soundscape, showing how talented of a songwriter she is to be able to link the two. The chorus allows myah to grow in desperation through her words and tone, and the bridge contrasts this with simple piano chords and her longing voice.

Along with the technical and instrumental side of this track, the lyrics tell myah’s story so clearly the listeners feel her pain with her. In the second verse, she sings, “Between the lines I lose myself, alright / In your mind I know you’re onto something new / But where we go, no one knows”. These words show how intertwined she feels in this relationship. She has lost herself in his words and mind, and it is sadly not reciprocated. The chorus explodes when she explains “You said it’s not so simple / but you left me stranded in the middle / and your kind eyes, the dark side, those white lies, I saw myself hide”. Despite how devoted she is and how deeply she has fallen in love, she finds herself hiding in his lies, embarrassed to even suggest that he does not feel the same way. Myah truly has a talent with her words, and this song is a clear example of that.

Myah is a growing artist from Southern Florida. Along with “hide”, she has released one other single on Spotify, a cover of Louis The Child and Wafia’s “Better Not”. The song is originally an EDM mix and extremely fast paced, and myah puts her own spin on it by turning it into one piano track and one vocal track. This change shows her skillset in the music industry and attention to detail, being able to see a simple yet heartbreaking version of a typically fast and upbeat song. It also highlights her beautiful tone of voice, a clear indication of her talent. Make sure to follow along the social medias below to stay up to date on any new music from myah.

Written By Tessa Maddaloni



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