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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "High Hopes" - Ali Diane

photo credits: Rachel Sweeney

Ali Diane’s modern style brings us an honest outlook on modern relationships in her new release “High Hopes”. Ali intends to tell a love story, to sing a love song. Yet, every time she begins it circles around to her disappointment once again. The desire for love and connection is a very human one that is being lost day by day. Or at the very least, is being hidden and undermined. Ali rejects this. She expresses her love and want for more, but is nevertheless another victim of a societal shift towards apathy. Even she is aware of this risk, “I think you're gonna be my mistake” she recites several times throughout the course of the song. And she is unfortunately correct. She is let down again and again. This is a song for hopeless romantics who are beginning to feel the burden of such a title. In “High Hopes” Ali manages to say what most people in the modern dating world want to with unwavering confidence.

The song begins with a magnetic beat that captures the listeners attention before Ali immediately begins singing. “We walk through the seasons” she says. This sets the context for her desired love story. She continues to describe the beauty of it, dedicating this portion of the song to explaining those hopes which she so wishes to maintain. The beat is slow but strong and sure of itself, heavily percussion based and recorded at almost the same volume as Ali’s own voice. That is until a new melody wipes it away and softens the tone of the song. A gentle piano paired with the impressive heightening of Ali’s voice tell the listener of the disappointing aspects of the relationship. Lying and regret are whispered before the beat drops into the strong and beautifully hypnotic chorus. The listener is under the impression this is the peak of Ali’s vocals, and the chorus in itself is very impressive, but it is the verse following her second rendition of it that is truly nothing short of breathtaking. After this incredible display of her range, the chorus begins again and the song ends with the same bold abruptness with which it began.

Ali Diane began singing and performing at a very young age. In school, both college and otherwise, she participated in activities that offered her the chance to express her talent. Music has always been the center of focus for Ali, in 2016, she graduated with a degree in it from Skagit Valley College in her home state of Washington. Not long after, in 2018, those choirs and musicals she was so dedicated to quickly turned into her own, independent, stages when she began performing in a band. She traveled with her college friend between local venues, performing for family, friends, and eventually her now producer Jake Crocker. Her popularity has only grown since. Her original song “Magic” was featured in a Disney+ show, she’s gained hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify, and collected thousands of followers on Instagram. I have extremely high hopes for Ali Diane so go stream “High Hopes” now!

Written By Hailey Schap



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