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  • Gillian Mena

Review: “History” - Joel Corry x Becky Hill

A homage to the history and stories created in previous relationships, "History" puts into words that "even after all the pain, I'd do it all again". It's easy to say after a painful relationship that it is easier to move on and forget, yet after being wrapped together in memories sometimes the history together is too much. Joel Corry and Becky Hill combine these feelings with upbeat electronic dance music to create a complementary sound to tell these stories.

From its beginning "History" is extremely upbeat. While the beats and music as a whole have a more upbeat feel to them, the lyrics of the song detail a bittersweet revelation. Even after a painful relationship, given the history of the couple they would do it all again. Becky's voice perfectly complements the music giving a more soulful and. rich feeling to contrast the sharp snares within the music. The two aspects combine during the choruses, where both the vocals and music match up to create an upbeat and hopeful sound. Although beginning out bittersweet, the pair does an amazing job of keeping the song's atmosphere upbeat and happy.

With over 18 million monthly streams on spotify, Joel Corry is easily one of the more influential people within dance music. After a breakthrough with his single “Sorry” Joel soon began collaborations with artists such as David Guetta and Saweetie. This RIAA Platinum Dj and producer has released this newest track in conjunction with BRIT Award winning artist Becky Hill.Coming to fame after competing on The Voice UK, her collaboration with Oliver Heldens topped charts. Beginning her career young as a teenerager with the group Shaking Trees, she began to become sought out by dance artists as a result of her soul-like voice. Together the pair has brought together an excellent combination of vocals and dance beats.

Written By Gillian Mena




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