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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Hold Me Tight" - Robin T

Relationships aren’t easy and they’re definitely not one sided. Inevitably, there are going to be disagreements and fights, but you still stick and work through it together in order to resolve it. Robin T’s, “Hold Me Tight”, is about the tough times that he and his love interest often have together. Although it is normal, these things definitely are tough to deal with, and can leave you emotional. Robin makes it known that no matter what, and throughout all of the arguments, his girlfriend is still the light of his life and that they’ll get through it everytime no matter what. If you want to stay together, you’ll make it happen every time. So, even if your person starts an argument and gets you upset, are you willing to work through it? Would you still hold them tight like Robin would, or would you give up?

The song starts off very upbeat and poppy. You can hear various instruments, such as the drums, trumpet, guitar and piano. Sometimes, couples may break up after a heated argument or fight, but Robin makes it very clear that this isn’t going to happen at all. Throughout the song, he mentions how she is the star in his life and his shoulder to cry on. This is his way of saying that his only option here is to “stay in the light” with her, meaning that they’re going to communicate, and remain a couple in order to maintain that happy and healthy relationship. He relies on her, only wants her, and needs her to hold him tight and stick together through the bumps in the road, which is how it’s supposed to be! If the both of you want it, you’ll push through and make it work. After the chorus, the song and beat starts to slow down and the only instrument we hear is the guitar. This is when Robin sings about no longer wanting to continue the arguing and is basically telling her that they’re going to make this work. He shows this by asking her, “Can we stay in the light?”, and saying, “Look up and we can pray tonight. Maybe we can make it right. I never wanna make you cry. I never wanna see you cry.” Then, the beat starts to pick back up, and all of the instruments return. This is where he transitions to singing about being on the same page with his girlfriend again.

Robin T is a 22 year old singer and songwriter born in South Africa, but raised in Ireland, which is where he is currently residing. However, he has not been residing in Ireland all this time. He’s been in Nashville, Tennessee for the past 4 years gigging at venues there, with one of them being the Bluebird Cafe. His musical journey started at the age of 12 where he sang in his school's talent show. Robin is kicking off his career with the release of “Hold Me Tight”, which you can find and listen to now on all streaming platforms!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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