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  • Miles Tutor

Review: "Holding On" - Pattern Pusher

"There's a chance we can make it; there's a risk we can take it; just keep holding on; gotta keep holding on" are the words that total up the chorus and bridge on Pattern Pusher's hot new single titled "Holding On" which is a song that is lyrically conscious of being able to challenge yourself and letting go of the shit that you are holding very tightly onto. Those lyrical themes of "good times" and the "good life" in retro genres of music show up here big time. YOU JUST GOTTA LET LOOSE A BIT IN LIFE!

THEY MAY NOT BE FROM LA BUT THIS SONG IS SUNNY & FUNKY! I love the retro 70s disco vibe that shows up on both the production and the vocals with the different aspects of the song's structure building up over those layers including the chorus and bridge being highlights. The funky wah guitar fits so damn good here and the drums are super lo-fi and lowkey yet they have that retro swing/rhythm which is awesome! The vocals are at a high volume in range and at a high tempo which shows how much Pattern Pusher can integrate vocals into the instrumentation very well. GRAB ME MY TUXEDO ON THE DANCE FLOOR!

Pattern Pusher is an inseparable trio that hails from the UK whose style emulates those retro genres of disco, funk, soul AND even elements of psychedelia and indie music being incorporated. Since 2017, the guys have been creating singles, touring, creating music videos AND so much more that they will keep continuing to do at the level of a true musician. They also have a blog on their band's website that I recommend you check out! Go give these guys a shot!

Written By Miles Tutor



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