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Review: "Holiday" - Alessandra Boldrini

"You got me feeling like you're a holiday; sunshine coming through AND I can't complain" is the chorus on Alessandra Boldini's hot new single titled "Holiday" which dives into the feelings of joy and glee that you get from relative success and happiness that surrounds you. This song has a lot of motivation towards individualism and how you can utilize it to find what makes your life feel like a celebration whenever you do something good for yourself. I think with her own uncertainties, Alessandra is portraying that she has made to where she wants to be in her life with obvious room to improve and expand for everyone in the world. There's a tie to a good standing relationship as well.

Wow! Beautiful vocals on the song! Alessandra sounds like an angel yet still sounds like a singer who is persuading and demanding the audience to listen to every word that they have to say while maintaining a vast range in the vocal ability. I love the orchestral fragments that play out throughout the song including the chorus where the staccato strings go crazy but still sync up to Alessandra's energy and vocals. This song has such a nice upbeat tempo throughout and it's a perfect jam for the club or the bedroom.

Alessandra Boldrini is an Italian-British singer and songwriter who moved to the UK to take her music to the next level! Alessandra has released multiple singles that have gotten above average acclaim including the singles "La Isla Bonita" AND "One More Night" being highly acclaimed in the discography. Alessandra's music journey has incorporated pop with electro-pop, acoustic-pop AND so on. She ain't gonna slow down! Go give her a shot!

Written By Miles Tutor



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