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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Hollywood Problems" - Tana

There is something so enticing about an inner circle. Though it may not seem that interesting on the outside, there is something to say about the stories that come out of it. Tana’s new track Hollywood Problems highlight the dynamics between a lost girl and the people around her. The magnetism of a damaged girl, someone who has it all but yearns for something real. Tana is being drawn into her life and watching as the mask slips off. This LA girl keeps a brave face but Tana knows the truth. The fake smiles and the Instagram post all give the façade of a lifestyle many dreams of. But she's begging to be truly heard. She has Hollywood Problems and that's something only she can solve.

The song begins with muted drumbeats and melodic hums accompanied by Tana's velvety vocals. She invites the audience into her story with the opening lyrics, “I met a girl last week she was evergreen// she had big brown eyes and lips so sweet” The use of her lyrics to create a sort of cinematic storyline immediately transports the listener into the world she is building. Her description of this girl sounds so perfect you begin to sympathize with Tana and want to hear more. Tana’s pen never fails to evoke vivid images in the listener's mind. As the instrumental begins to climb and the energy increases. The lyrics and bolstering instrumental place the song into perspective. The climactic chorus lets us know the type of girl Tana is describing. Suddenly, we realize who this mysterious LA Girl is and what she wants. Falling for someone toxic yet mysteriously glamorous is so intoxicating she can't help but stay around. And the LA Girl can't help her Hollywood Problems.

Tana is an up-and-coming artist with insane amounts of talent. Her voice and production combo is never a disappointment. Her roots are diverse which creates interesting and powerful art. Coming from an Italian-Nigerian Home and moving to London is one of the many things that influence Tana to be the artist she is today. Hollywood Problems is just the first song to be released this year and certainly an incredible way to come into 2023.

Written By: Kaiana Lee



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