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  • Cate Schnoebelen

Review: "Home" - Bertie Newman

Bertie Newman has released a chilling and relatable song, "Home". Speaking of a past relationship, this song is meant to look into a window into the past. He speaks about going back “home” to the way things were before. The elegant piece softly delivers its lyrics to make you feel what it is like to almost drift away from a person while you are still together. Bertie explains that his song ‘‘Home’ is really a throwback to how I felt really anxious about my current relationship when it first started to manifest. I felt as if a mirror had been placed directly in front of me and everything that was good and bad about myself was being revealed".

This song could be described as a soft ballad, pulling together various details of the past to create a story of truth. With gentle instrumentals, Berties voice is the focal point, guiding us through his story. Added vocal layering begins to stack upon itself. This tale echoes as it reaches the chorus, making us feel like we are following him through an ocean of emotion. Blending all of the notes to create this perfectly calculated song that paints a picture of love and pain, Bertie has offered us something truly raw and genuine. The ending of this song really speaks, finishing off with an overflowing, yet not controlling sound, and chilling vocals that allow you to truly think about what you have heard.

This 22-year-old artist has found his inspiration in singing and songwriting. Releasing even more new music since the last time we heard him, this London native has grown quite a following. His true talents are blended together through powerful storytelling accompanied by exquisite sound, which has made him an unstoppable artist. Diving deep into topics such as mental health, and relationships Bertie has found his voice. He is authentic with his craft, learning more about himself with every song he creates. Stream "Home" now along with the rest of his EP, "Thoughts so Loud", and don’t forget to follow him down below!

Written By Cate Schnoebelen


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